Royal Jumbo

Koninklijke Jumbo develops, produces and sells toys, games and puzzles. Jumbo is a unique Dutch company with a rich history and many own brands such as Stratego, PimPamPet, Jan van Haasteren. She is also a distributor for several major brands such as Rummikub and Rubik’s. Koninklijke Jumbo sells its products independently to customers in the Netherlands (head office in Zaandam), Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition, there is an export department that handles sales all over the world.

Jumbo has a sister organization Diset, which sells in Italy, France and Iberia (headquartered in Barcelona). Jumbo and Diset jointly form a strong European toy company under the name Jumbodiset Group.


“We want to make people happy by letting them play and let them grow in a playful way, everywhere and always.”

We want to invite a broad target group from 0 to 100 years to play as often as possible by offering innovative and affordable products; at the right time and in the right place.