New puzzle: La Tomatina 1,000 pieces

A big tomato festival takes place every year in the Spanish province of Valencia. The Jan van Haasteren family wanted to see it with their own eyes! It was a great trip and everyone participated enthusiastically. But for now they can’t see tomatoes anymore!

Did you know that Dick’s father was a greengrocer? So this puzzle was made for him. If you look at a bottle of “Heinz” ketchup you will see as founder HJ Heinz and coincidentally the initials of Dick’s father are also HJ There is only 1 letter difference in the name, and that is the letter Z. Dick Heins has special designed a Heins Logo for this puzzle that can be seen frequently.

Dick has drawn a number of jokes in the puzzle that are well worth mentioning. For example, the fat lady sitting on the shoulders of her little man, warning everyone not to throw a tomato at her, while she is busy herself. Also the surfing man on the back of the crocodile, Maurice who is in a kind of wheelchair speedboat and of course my person who inspects a tomato at the greengrocer. The man who is smeared on his air mattress against the sun with tomato ketchup is also a nice find!

And as in several puzzles, a number of well-known figures have been drawn again, matching the theme. We see Picasso, Don Quixote and Stan Laurel, among others. In total there are 9. Can you find them all?.

La Tomatina will be available from March 6, 2021.

Artist: Dick Heins